Pomona Pony Club

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Memberships are to be completed online via the PCAQ website through Omnis Sports Management.


For any member under 18 years of age we require that a parent or guardian (over 18) to join as a Social Member and be present when your child is riding in all Pony Club activities. 

You are required by PCAQ to be a current financial member before participating in any endorsed Pony Club activity - musters or competitions. 

As a member of Pomona Pony Club you agree to give time freely to or be part of club operations. There are many ways to give your time and we all appreciate and all our members and club benefits from your generosity.


- Helping set up at our events

- Helping run our fundraising events

-  Giving your time in the Canteen

-  Helping out at Musters that are held throughout the year 


As a member of  "Get Started" our young members may find they qualify for funding to assist in paying fees