Pomona Pony Club

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Pomona Pony Club Membership

To apply to join Pomona Pony Club please complete the following:

1. Pomona Pony Club Membership form (per family)

2.  PCAQ Membership Forms (per member)

3. PCAQ Member Protection Declaration form (per member)

Complete the Pomona Pony Club Family Form once for the whole family - the PCAQ membership, t & PCAQ Member protection declaration needs to be completed for each indivdual person applying for Pomona Pony Club membership.

Send completed forms to: The Secretary, Po Box 241, Pomona Q 4568 or hand in on Sign on Day. 

Please pay your fees when you apply by cash or payment can be made electronically (send evidence that they have been paid with your application.)  Contact The Treasurer for bank account details. 

Please note that these forms need to be filled in each year and fees paid BEFORE you will be covered by PCAQ insurance.

Event Nominations
Click here for the Event Nomination Form
To be completed for each rider and return by email to The Secretary

For all PCAQ forms click here.

Pomona Pony Club would like to thank our major sponsors..