Pomona Pony Club

G i d d y u p ! G i d d y u p !


We are a small group who have the same interests, and like to get together to share what we love.. our horses and of course riding them.  We meet at the Pomona Showgrounds, usually on the first and third Sunday of each month.  We cater for all levels of riders from beginners on a lead line right through to the experienced competitor.  

Our aim is to provide a safe environment for children and adults alike, to improve their horse riding skills, socialise and generally have FUN.  This year, in addition to our own Club Instructors, we are hoping to invite and introduce some outside instructors to our Musters to provide a variety of instructors and disciplines to members.  

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2019 Committee 
COntact Number
 Cameron Magick
 0429 851 850 
 Simon Kinchington
 0400 710 922
 Cathy Magick
  0429 851 850
 Kelly Natalier
 0488 425 032
 Chief Instructor:
 Kelly Edwards 
 0427 009 282
 Cathy Magick 
  0429 851 850

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